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Gone South

So it seems our world is going downhill. My sister admitted last night that her roommate’s country music is growing on her. You know what they say about the slippery slope of such behavior…once you take one step, you just keep falling deeper and deeper into your mistake.

Now I will have lost two close people to this disease – Stan and my very own sister. Who is next? Any takers?

Please wake me up from my nightmare.

You know … at least Stan has a good excuse. If I fell in love with some woman who absolutely could not live without country music, I would perhaps change my attitude toward it … a little. But until that day, I am a free man and I’m going to take full advantage of it.

Stan the Squirrel Slayer

So Stan has officially become a hick. It all began going downhill when he started dating a woman from southern Indiana. He fell deeper into sin when he thought it was okay to spend a week in Texas. The result … a bunch of country music and a dead squirrel.