Creative Resolution Divorce Mediation

Created March 2006

Creative Resolution Divorce Mediation Psychological and financial professionals specfically trained in divorce mediation working together to help divorcing spouses reach agreement regarding financial decisions and custody and visitation issues.

David Bales Photography

Created August 2004

davidbales.com - Professional Photography of the Southwest Professional Photography of the Southwest

Creative Change Counseling

Created July 2004

Creative Change - A Counseling Practice in Des Plaines and Elgin, IL. Creative Change is a group of licensed psychologists and social workers who have been practicing together since 1988. Members of the staff enhance each others’ work by sharing knowledge of the latest research, treatment protocols, and ideas.

MSOE InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Created October 2003

MSOE IVCF MSOE’s InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter’s web site – contains information about the chapter and its activities, forums, and an elaborate photo album.


Created August 2003

Jettlag The *official* web site for Jettlag, a high-school band based out of Wheaton, IL. Read band member’s bios, view photos, download some sample music and find out when and where Jettlag is playing next.

WCCHS English Department

Created Spring 2003

WCCHS English Department West Chicago Community High School’s English Department web site. Contains pages created by each teacher in the department, as well as general information pertinent to the department.

West Chicago Wildcat FBLA

Created January 2003

West Chicago Wildcat FBLA As a member of my high school’s FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) chapter, I participated in several competitions. Wildcat FBLA is a web site two other students and I created for FBLA’s web site development competition. We won third place in the Northern Illinois regional competition and first place in the Illinois state competition. View the site to learn how our chapter soared to new heights while I was in high school

GCD Youth Group

Created in 2002

GCD Youth Group The web site for the youth group of Grace Church of DuPage, Warrenville, IL.

Tourette Syndrome Camp Organization

Created in 2002

Illinois Tourette Syndrome Camp Organization Camp program held in Illinois for children with Tourette Syndrome, OCD, ADHD.

Paul Tournier’s Universalism

Created in 2002

Paul Tournier's Universalism Dan Musick’s Masters Thesis for Wheaton College Graduate School. Paul Tournier was an unrestricted universalist. His writings, personal correspondence with him, and interviews with many who kinew him support this conclusion.

Faith Fellowship Church

Created in 2001

Faith Fellowship Church Web site of Faith Fellowship Church, a non-denominational church located at the center of the community of Oak Brook, IL.


Created in 2000; Current design created in 2003

MusickNetworks MusickNetworks is a full-service Christian-owned and operated Internet company specializing in custom-made CGI scripts, Javascripts, HTML coding, and web site design.

Inclusivism – the fate of those who never hear

Created in 1998

Inclusivism - the fate of those who never hear Biblical Apologetics for Restricted Exclusivism.

Kenosis – Christ “emptied Himself” (Phil 2:7)

Created in 1997; Current design created in 2005

Kenosis - Christ 'emptied Himself' (Phil 2:7) An apologetic with over 100 links for understanding, defending and advancing the Biblical, orthodox view of our Lord’s glorious humility.

ETS Equipment Co.

Created in 1997; Current design created in 2004

ETS Equipment Co. Wholesale distributor and manufacturers representatives of electric heating systems and equipment

DDM Garage Doors

Created in 1997; Current design created in 2000, modified slightly in 2005

DDM Enterprises, Inc. Overhead-type doors, operators, parts, tools, training, and support services for homeowners, commercial/industrial maintenance personnel, and garage door dealers.