iGo to Heaven

According to Stan, my recent acquisition of an iPod is my first step toward getting into Heaven. How the so-called purity of Apple suddenly makes me worthy of God’s grace, I’m not quite sure. In fact, I thought things were quite the opposite.
As a result of Adam and Eve’s devouring of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, sin has plagued the world for 6000+ years. How such a comment from a good LMCS Lutheran pre-sem student could be considered valid, I don’t know. You can take that one up with Stan.

In summary, for those whose heads that first paragraph went right over, my parents bought me an iPod for Christmas.

One thought on “iGo to Heaven

  1. Stan

    The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is often misunderstood. When Eve partook of the fruit she partook of the Wintel World, and thus distanced herself from God. God, a mac user, then cast Adam and Eve out of the garden and away from the Mac’s. It wasn’t until the advent of OS X that man had been recapitulated to the point of being able to posses and dwell alongside the divine, but now that it’s been recapitulated God has opened that door to all of humanity, just as it says in the Sermon on the Mount. But, as many are called, few are chosen.


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