So according to server logs, I have received two hits to my web site from person(s) who did a search on the terms MSOE nerd.

Am I that much of a nerd, that the keywords MSOE nerd rightly bring a searcher to my web site? I sure hope not!

Apparently a search for Scott Vetter, Brandon Feil, Kevin Pflugs, Chris Jakubik, and Sarah Bosshart will get you to my site, too. Does that make them nerds also?

On a side note, I just noticed Google’s logo is written in Braille to celebrate Louis Braille’s birthday. If blind users are browsing the site (can they do that?), do they rub their fingers against the Braille logo to read that it says Google? Obviously not. Regardless, I think it’s kinda cool. Google is good at coming up with unique stuff that no one else seems to think of. I recall reading on their corporate web site when looking at internship opportunities that though people have said that more efficient search algorithms could not be developed, Google has come up with some. Pretty exciting stuff. I hope I can work there this summer. I still haven’t heard anything back yet besides the automated “we will contact you after reviewing your resume if we think you are a potential match” message.

I think I’ll get off the topic of computers before I prove my MSOE nerdiness.

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