The Little Honda that Could

Well, the Little Honda that Could no longer can. The Japanese space ship is sunk. In case you’re out of the loop and those phrases mean nothing to you, they refer to my car. The mechanic ran some engine sealant stuff through the coolant system and it appeared to fix the issue with the burning antifreeze, but by the time my parents picked up the car and drove it home, it was blowing billowy clouds of white smoke out the exhaust once again. The car still drives, albeit not quite as it should. I imagine that if the leak gets bigger again, the car will become susceptible to stalling. Because I haven’t had a mechanic tear apart the engine, I don’t know exactly what the issue is. Likely, it’s a blown head gasket or a crack in the heads. I haven’t quite decided what I am going to do. My dad wants to buy the car off me and take it to a mechanic he knows to see exactly what is up. Scott doesn’t think that’s worth it. In any case, I pretty much need a new car. So, if you’ve got one for sale, make me an offer and if I like it, I’ll consider it.

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