Google … the next Microsoft?

So Google is absolutely nuts. I just came across Google Spreadsheets. I built a sample page on GooglePages. They wrote Picasa for Linux. And you can now sync Firefox across computers so it’s as if you ever got up from one and went to the other.


Can I work for them when I graudate? Someone told me that I don’t want to work for them; Yahoo would be a better place to work. I’ll have to find out why he said that. Any insight?

My guess is that next Google will come out with an online Word processor app that rivals Word 2007. For free.

3 thoughts on “Google … the next Microsoft?

  1. Stosh

    Google bought a company called Writley, which previously offered an online Word Processor (a very powerful one at that). Writley has been unavailable to the public since Google purchased it, as they are making a transition to interfacing with the Google user database. In other words, a word processor already exists, it’s just wating to be released. Blogger Smiley From what I understand begining the end of this month, through July they will begin releasing access to members who have pre-registered for access (like me!). You can learn more about it at:


  2. Brad Kuhn

    We are already using Google Spreadsheets in my church to co-ordinate our order of service. It helps to have 5 different people able to access the plans, change what they need to update, and know that it’s on their time and whoever is doing it always has the most recent version. It was such a headache to have to send Excel spreadsheets (or Word docs for that matter) to everyone via Email, and then have them sent back and not know which one is the “authoritative” version.

    (BTW- I think your Google/Firefox link is incorrect.)


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