I’m Somebody!

So … it’s official. I’m somebody!!!!! I even have the certificate to prove it:

Who's Who 2007

I’m going home for the weekend because the Lemon is in town. I learned last night that the use of Stan‘s last name in that sort of construct is referred to as “Invoking the Big ‘L’.” You might think I’m joking, but he seems to take those sorts of things seriously. Observe:

11:12:49 PM Stan Lemon: A lady in HT e-mailed me today and referred to her computer as a “Lemon”, this was after she asked me for help with her e-mail.
11:12:58 PM Stan Lemon: I e-mailed her back and told her I wouldn’t work with her if she kept that tone.

Disclaimer: In case it wasn’t clear, the bit about finally being someone was supposed to be sarcastic.

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