Home Sweet Home

After much searching, I’ve finally found a place to live when I graduate. A few friends and I will be residing in the ritzy Milwaukee-area city of Brookfield in a nice three bedroom townhome. Once we’ve moved in, I’ll consider posting a few pictures online.

I’ll be graduating on Saturday at 10 a.m. I’ve got 7 tickets, 4 for my parents, and 3 extras. If you need an extra for one of your guests, or if you want to come see me graduate, let me know and I’ll hook you up, while supplies last.

I’ve gone a single final exam left – one for Dr. Jung’s Contemporary European Societies class. This exam has two parts. The first is what Jung calls the cumulative question. This is basically a take-home handwritten essay that summarizes all the material that we’ve learned over the course of the quarter. The second is one of his standard exams, consisting of some fill in the blank vocab, two short answer questions, and one brief essay. I plan to finish up the essay in between taking apart my deck and my loft and beginning to move stuff out into our house. I’ll be taking the other part of the exam Friday morning, before the Senior Design show.

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