I’m a new man

… only in a sense. A few minutes ago, I unveiled the new and improved ErichMusick.com. For those of you who have been here recently, you won’t find any new content. There’s just this slick new layout that I made while I was out visiting Stan and Sara (and, of course, their dog Ivan) earlier this week. Stan and I also worked on the next version of his blogger software – BlogSCL3. I’ll be upgrading to that over the next couple of days. As of right now, there are still a few bugs that need to be worked out before I feel comfortable using it in a “production” environment.

This new version of BlogSCL has cut out a large chunk of the features present in the previous version, and adds a few new ones. Don’t worry … we’ve kept what is truly important. The application is more streamlined, better integrated into PageSite, and just a whole lot cooler. The stuff we got rid of wasn’t all that important, anyway … who needs Trackbacks, Pings, and all that other jazz? If you decide to include these features, as a developer creating blog software, you have to either provide a real complex mechanism for eliminating trackback spam, or else subject your users to spam. My favorite new feature in BlogSCL3 is the ability that I will have to tag articles. This is similar to the category feature in version 2 but a whole lot cooler. Check back in a few days to see it live on my site.

Stan is talking about starting up a new blog to record his development activities. I’m pretty excited, as it’s been a year and a half since he last posted on his current blog. This blog might also be somewhere he’ll let me post, on the rare occasion that I have something programming-related to say. I enjoyed doing some coding with him again – it’s hard to get in the groove on these side projects when I’m at work all day.

Well, enjoy the new layout. And the new features when they show up. I keep telling myself I’d like to post on here more frequently, but I can’t seem to find the time.

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