Good evening from Berlin!

We have made it to Berlin! We’re staying at a hostel on the outskirts of town, on the edge of a little forest which has wild boars! The guy who runs the place is real friendly and gave us a lot of suggestions of things to see while we’re in Berlin.

When we first arrived in Germany yesterday and explored Hannover, I was overwhelmed by the new experience and my poor understanding of the German language. Not having really slept during the overnight flight on the way here made the situation feel a lot worse. But, after spending time with a missionary family in Gravenhorst and getting some excellent sleep, I’m ready to conquer the world. Well, not really. But today, we visited VW’s Autostadt in Wolfsberg and I felt more comfortable ordering in German. I also got hold of a taxi driver and told him where we wanted to go in German. I think he probably spoke at least a little English, because he likely deals with Americans all the time, but I feel like Germans are going to hate me if I walk up to them assuming they know English. I should at least make an attempt to communicate to them in their language. If some Spanish person walked up to me in the U.S. and started speaking Spanish, I’d probably look at them funny, and then answer to the best of my ability. I wish I know both that language and German better.

Later this week, we’ll move on to Leipzig and then Munich. Several people have told us that we’ll have a hard time understanding the Bavarians in Munich because their accent is so distinct. That’ll be an interesting experience.

I’d love to post some picutres, but that would take a significant amount of time and I should be getting to bed soon so we can enjoy the day tomorrow.

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