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My dad recently sent me a link to Quantcast, a service which ranks and provides demographical information on your web site’s visitors. I checked out their details on my web site and found the following comment:

This site reaches fewer than 2000 U.S. monthly uniques. The site caters to a younger, mostly female, more educated audience.

I always knew I was popular with the ladies … I just never had any evidence to prove it. According to Quantcast, I have 139% as many female visitors as the “Internet average” and only 59% as many male. I wonder why I didn’t have a girlfriend until recently. Oh well, I’m not complaining. I’d rather wait for the right person than pursue a bunch of wrong ones. And, I prefer meeting people in “real life,” not this virtual world that the internet has created.

I like the fact that my site appeals to a more educated audience. I wonder if the papers I’ve posted attract that sort of audience. Or is it my blog? Does anyone (besides Stan and random Google searchers) read my blog? I’m not really sure.

I’ve got to look into Quantcast a little more to learn how their rating system works. I wonder how they find out those sorts of details.

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