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Pictures from Germany

I’ve posted my pictures from Germany! I originally uploaded them to Picasa Web but was frustrated at the fact that all 500 thumbnails from a single album were displayed on a single page. It locked up Firefox for a few minutes while it loaded all of them. So, I’ve set up an install of Plogger on my server and posted my images there. Thankfully the author of Plogger had the foresight to include pagination. What a concept.

View my Germany Trip photo gallery

At some point, I’d like to write a somewhat detailed outline or description of all that we did during our trip to Germany, but time is escaping me. The photo albums serve this purpose in part, but do not depict all our varied activities and fun stories of our time in Germany … Laugenbretzel (pretzel) snacks in the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, getting yelled at in German at the Munich train station because we inadvertently ate our Subway and Doener in Burger King’s seating area, etc. It was definitely a trip to remember!