Ban Abortion – Speech

As Seniors in High School, I’m sure most of you already have made up your minds on abortion-related issues such as whether a fetus or embryo can really be deemed a human, whether abortion really kills a human being, or just a bunch of tissue, and so forth. Though I have very strong positions on such issues, I’m not going to get up here and tell you to change your mind on them. Rather, I would like you to consider a few comments related to the issue of abortion – namely, its effects, and the government’s role in abortion-related legislation.

Sometime first semester last year in my AP English course, my teacher commented on the excitement he experiences when he considers the potential of all 25 or 30 of us who were in the room. Sure, 25 to 30 people can do a lot, especially when you have people like Pat Baur in the class. But consider all the fetuses that have been aborted since Roe vs. Wade. Since then, there have been about 40 million abortions, an average of 4000 per day. That’s about 133 times as many people who were in my classroom last year, 133 times the potential.

Similarly, what if your mother had aborted you? We were all born around 1984 or 85, when abortion was legal. If your mother had aborted you, you obviously would not be here to even express your opinion about abortion, to stand up against it.

I’ve heard people on Ikonboard frequently comment that they are personally opposed to abortion – they think it is wrong themselves – but they feel that they cannot make a ruling on it for everyone else, that this is something the government should not deal with. Because of people like you, I must ask myself what kind of world I’m going to live in when I’m older. If so many of you aren’t willing to make a stand against what you personally feel is wrong, who’s going to stand up for what’s right when it comes down to it? I challenge all of you who feel that the government should not involve itself in the matter of abortion to consider a world in which no one stood up for what’s right. What would our nation be like then?

Consider it.