A collection of essays and compilations of information I completed about the Bible or theological topics.

Allah and God - Different.


Junior year of high school, I was required to write a research paper in my English class. For my paper, I researched the differences between the Christian God and the Muslim god, Allah. You'd be surprised at all the differences between the two, especially since, in the days following September 11, we've been told that Christians and Muslims worship the same god.


Pakistan, 1986. Zahid was a Muslim priest who had been brought up to hate and kill those with conflicting beliefs, especially Christians. He often persecuted Christians in town, feeling that by doing so, he would please Allah (the Muslim god). One day when Zahid was persecuting Christians, someone dropped a Bible. Rather than disposing of it, as he normally would have, Zahid hung onto it because he felt compelled to read it and expose its errors. In short, Zahid converted to Christianity and shared the Bible’s teachings with everyone. As a result, he was considered a traitor. Zahid began…

Neighborhood Bible Club 2002

Several summers while growing up, I helped out at a Neighborhood Bible Club, which is essentially a VBS, but is held at someone’s house as opposed to a church. In 2002, those of us assisting were required to write a response to a question each night so the event would not only be an event in which we’re teaching children, but also one from which we are gleaning something. This section contains my responses to each of the questions.

The Ultimate Injustice


My sophomore year of high school, I had to write on the topic of injustice. I wrote about the injustice in Jesus' death on the cross, but also provided an explanation as to why it was necessary and why it makes Jesus a hero.


At this time of the year, many people’s eyes, thoughts, and actions are focused on Easter. Often, when people think of Easter, they think of the Easter bunny, a large family get-together, or something of that sort. Sadly, many people do not realize that there is actually a reason Easter exists – there is a story behind it. This story tells how a man who had done absolutely nothing wrong was unjustly killed. Although this murder was unjust, there was a reason for it – a reason great enough to call the man who died a hero.


Underground Hope

Underground Hope is a project that Stan Lemon and I started shortly after the World Trade Center terrorist attacks in 2001. After September 11th, we observed many who were compromising the Christian faith, suggesting it to be indistinguishable from Islam, or suggesting that we worship the same god. We saw this happen in our school and were concerned.

In response, we pieced together a newsletter that talked about the two religions and the important differences between them. The newsletter quickly developed into a monthly newsletter that discussed various…