(23:50:32) Me: dude my portfolio is 37 pages
(23:50:41) Ryan Atwood: man….
(23:50:53) Me: they’re going to hate me for putting so much in
(23:51:00) Ryan Atwood: hehe
(23:51:07) Ryan Atwood: you will score so high
(23:51:08) Me: just write “A” on top
(23:51:21) Ryan Atwood: that it will carry over back into the negative values
(23:51:27) Me: haha
(23:51:28) Ryan Atwood: like over 4.2 billion
(23:51:29) Me: haha
(23:51:34) Ryan Atwood: or whatever that unsigned int max is
(23:51:36) Ryan Atwood: in c++

I go to MSOE. Need I say more?

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