What I would do for a woman…

(17:00:09) Me: i’d dress nice for a girl any day
(17:01:14) Stan Lemon: heh, but not listen to country?
(17:01:19) Me: nope
(17:01:21) Me: well
(17:01:33) Me: i would put up with it but not obsess over it like you do
(17:02:09) Stan Lemon: Erich, what if your unwillingness to like country is stopping you from meeting the person God has divinely set aside for you?
(17:02:18) Stan Lemon: Free yourself, dear brother, from these man-made chains.
(17:02:19) Stan Lemon: Blogger Smiley

So I guess because I’m too lazy to come up with something of my own to write, I have to throw in random excerpts of conversations I have with my friends.

Adam and I were talking today about how MSOE really makes you miss out on certain aspects of life. Ryan and I have had this discussion too. For those of you who are clueless as to what I mean because you don’t go to MSOE, they keep you so busy with coursework, encourage you to get a job, and then pile on more work once you get one that you really don’t have any time to consider feelings or experience the normal things that students do. Then, when we interact with people (especially women) that don’t go to this institution, we don’t know how to relate because all we ever think about is our engineering stuff and can’t get unstuck from such topics. But really, I’m more concerned not with the inability to relate to others because I think I’m less affected than most people are by this phenomenon, but with the fact that I don’t have the time to feel … to enjoy … to relax … to be a person. I don’t mean to steer you away from MSOE if you feel this is your type of school.

Break starts for me Thursday at 12 pm. That should be good, assuming I don’t get a bunch of stuff to do dumped on to me this week.

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