Summer Plans

I have my last final this Thursday afternoon and will be moving out of the dorms in the evening. This summer, I’m going to be working on Project Foundry from home. It’ll be nice to get out of the “big”* city and the dorms for a while to a much more pleasant, homey environment. At the same time, though, I’m a little bummed. I realized the other day that I really don’t have that many friends at home with Stan moving out to Pennsylvania. Beyond Hans, I don’t know who I’ll hang out with. Here at school, I’ve gotten to know some cool people from church and have spent some nice relaxing Sunday afternoons hanging out with them. If you’re going to be around Chicago, let me know!

I’ll be helping Stan with his move to Pennsylania from June 8-11. standing up in his wedding on June 17, and then probably helping Andy Laib move out to California the following week. I’m excited to do all this travelling and look forward to getting to spend some quality time with these two great guys.

*Milwaukee is not big. Chicago is. I just use the term “big” because when compared with West Chicago, Milwaukee is big.

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